But only since 2017

I've previously been a vegetarian, a pescatarian, and a full-on carnivore, but right now i don't think i'll be changing. Veganism seems pretty awesome so far, the only consideration being that i have to supplement with vitamin B12 daily, which isn't difficult.

It's so simple

Some people still seem confused over what vegans can eat - it's not complicated: If it comes from an animal, just don't eat it. This is not difficult or restrictive, it's totally liberating.

Go plant-based

My switch to a plant-based diet was for health, moral and environmental reasons, having become slowly, increasingly aware of practices, most especially within the meat and dairy industries, that I want no part of - not cool.

Plenty of good information is available, just do a little research and make up your own mind. I recommend this short video as an excellent starting point.

Limitless variety

Choosing to eat vegan has also made me a more creative cook, not least because of the limitless variety of plant-based ingredients available. It's better for our planet (your home), and better for you too. Seriously, just try it.

Get inspiration

I run a little vegan instagram blog @nkivegan (kudos to the lovely Tacita for the name) consisting solely of simple, everyday meals which are quick to make, and use widely available ingredients - hope you enjoy!

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