I earned a degree

in music & sound engineering from Kingston University & Gateway Studio - which has recently rebranded as Visconti Studio due to the welcome involvement of legendary engineer Tony Visconti. Good news.

I learned

using traditional analogue reel-to-reel tape (4, 8, 16, 24-track), alongside digital systems such as Cubase & Logic Audio.

I've loved

all things music technology and studio production since my early teens, in no small part thanks to my oldest friend Peter, and a keyboard / music tech shop in Worthing run by the lovely Chris.

- endless thanks to both of you.

I discovered

the joys of DJ'ing, house, techno, dub etc whilst at university - my housemate Nick took me to my first club night, and I was taught to use a pair of Technics SL1210 MKII's by my classmate Richard X.

In fact our cohort group had a fair chunk of musical talent - Hard-Fi, Strike, Sugardrum, Future Paradise, we were all at Kingston, and we had some really good times.

I built a studio

After graduating I built my own 16-track DAW recording setup (called Twifty Studios) - in a rented flat in New Malden, Surrey, and we had a lot of fun recording everything from folk to rap.

The studio featured a lovely analogue mixing desk (sourced from my great friend Tony, big thanks dude) and a purpose-built Mac Pro. I cut & soldered every cable by hand, and it was absolutely the best way to learn.

I worked

One of my first jobs out of university was sound engineer for Mixing Lab Studios in Vauxhall (not the one in Jamaica), which was home to a great DnB record label called Trouble On Vinyl & Renegade Recordings. The owners (Trevor, Mark & Clayton) were truly excellent people - plus I was briefly signed to their Pure Bliss records imprint to deliver a dance track. Much fun.

I mixed

The Lee Curtis Connection, Hip Journey album was released on Blindside Records in 1995, mixed by yours truly, Lee "Duck" Heron. It's a long story.

I festivalled

My first festival experience was at Phoenix, then at Glastonbury for three years running whilst working for EMI Records - VIP camping & catering was awesome. In 2000, like an idiot, I forgot my tent and ended up sleeping under the dragon sculpture in the Green Fields.

I sang baritone.

I sang with some amazing people as part of:

We performed some truly amazing works in some wonderful places, including:

- endless thanks to Aiden Kerney MBE and John Bate for their leadership and inspired musical choices.

I played tenor trombone.

I had a great time playing with some really enthusiastic musicians, as part of:

We performed some super works in diverse venues including:

I play bass & guitar

I played tons of funk & blues at university, then moved into bands including Sleight (now Sugardrum) and Jubilation Lee (RIP Richard), gigging in many famous pubs, clubs & venues, including the Forum (Kentish Town), the Dublin Castle (Camden), the Half-Moon (Putney), the Kings Head (Fulham). Great fun.

I play keyboards.

Still not as well as i'd like, though. Mostly in studios programming keys during production sessions, but some of my first actual gigs were on keyboards with the band Regardless, playing around Worthing and Brighton. Maybe 2019 is the year I finally learn properly?

Shout out

If I know you though music, we probably shared some awesome times, so reach out and say hello.