Since 2017

I first gave indoor climbing a try in early 2017, loved it, and since then have managed to train twice a week at my local centre. At the moment I much prefer bouldering to roped climbing, although maybe that will change as time goes on?

Slow, steady progress

I currently boulder at only V3 level, and around 6b/6b+ on roped routes - depending how I feel that day. I'm still very new to the discipline really, but i'm totally hooked.

I love the blend

of balance, strength, flexibility, technique, courage and calculation required, and the fact that you're competing against gravity instead of another person.

Unlike the martial arts, you can't get away with anything - gravity is always on, and is an utterly implacable, unforgiving opponent.

To each their own

I also love that everyone has their own unique way of tackling any given problem or route, and every problem highlights different strengths & weaknesses in each climber. This makes for great camaraderie at the wall, unlike any other discipline i've tried.


In the socks vs. no-socks debate, i've tried both ways, and my current preference is thin invisible socks. More comfort, plenty of feel, and my climbing shoes smell much better.

Come outside

2019 is the year I attempt my first outdoor problems, and i'm very excited about it. See you on the wall!

Fancy a climb? Drop me a line.