I've studied

various martial arts since the year 1989, starting with karate when I was age 15 - and since starting, i've worked my way through quite a few schools of thought, including;

Thanks to my teachers, I now hold a master-level rank in Kung-Fu, and an instructor-level rank in Escrima, amongst several other official qualifications.

I've trained

in eight countries so far, across three continents. I've learned from some amazing teachers (and students), and i've met some truly wonderful people.

I'm still training

2019 marks my 30th anniversary in the martial arts, and I still love exploring movement, possibilities and capabilities. If you want to stay fit, mobile, sharp and aware, I highly recommend it.

I began teaching

I started as a part-time instructor in 1999, then as a full-time professional between 2002-2016 (so about fifteen years of constant teaching & training), and then back to part-time again in late 2016.

I'm still teaching

I host several small-group classes and one-on-one private lessons every week, at my studio in new malden, surrey.

I developed an approach

My way is known as the Federation Wing Tsun System - it's my own humble contribution to the martial arts world.

The system is a unique, strategy-based approach to the art of Wing Chun Kung-Fu, based upon the application of proper weapons concepts to the movement of human body. I've shared it with thousands of students, and many have stayed to continue studying it with me for a decade or more.

I've been a proud part of

- thank you all for some wonderful times.

I've worked internationally with

- thank you for the opportunities, and the experiences.

I founded & ran

- huge thanks to all my students, and the instructors who learned, grew and developed through my work.

It's been an honour

The martial arts are responsible for some of my best life experiences, and some of my best friendships to date. So if we've ever trained or taught together, please say hello.